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I was recently informed that I was the first person, instructors included, to reach 1,000 classes. Wow! If I do say so myself. Let me tell you how I arrived at this monumental achievement. Here is my exercise history. I spent 15 years running at least 35 miles per week. Due to an injury I started lifting weights. As soon as I recovered I split my time running and lifting. Eventually I stopped running and solely lifted- about 4 years ago I noticed how strong and muscular my body was but I had zero flexibility! Not a good thing when you’re in your 60’s.

The Bar Method is literally 1 mile from my house- noticed the sign in the window and proceeded to check it out. I took a Bar Basics class and thought it would be a breeze considering how strong I was. NOT! It was possibly the longest hour of my life, sore as hell afterwards – I do like a good challenge so I proceeded to sign up for a month. As they say, the rest is history, I slowly switched my focus to bar.

What benefits did I get out of bar that I was unable to attain from running and lifting? For me, bar sort of combined the two and then some. It was quite a shock for my body having never done anything quite like this before. In a month’s time my body was “ shrink wrapped” to a slimmer, flatter me; Amazing and fun to boot.

Another huge benefit is having a warm friendly place, with super powerhouse instructors and wonderful women and the occasional guy. One last benefit – I did get a ton more flexible which was my original goal- it doesn’t get much better then this.